Ledlenser K6R Safety Gray

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Compact light at your fingertips.

A common problem of being in the dark, especially alone: not feeling safe and, when needed, the ability to signal for help. The compact K6R Safety keychain light has a quick and easily accessible shrill alarm signal that can deter an attacker or serves as a loud call for help. The up to 400 lumen bright light safely illuminates the surroundings, making the rechargeable K6R Safety an indispensable accessory for every handbag or jacket pocket.

Special Information

1. Light Functions

  • Boost – short-duration maximum power for more brightness
  • Power – high light output for every situation
  • Low Power – economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working
  • Boost – flashes of light with a confusing blinding effect for, among other things, self-defence


2. Switches

Turn, press or both – how to switch these Ledlensers on:

  • End Cap Switch – a switch on the end of the light(end cap)


3. Special Functions

That special something about this Ledlenser:

  • 2in-1 accessory: acoustic signal generator for emergencies and powerful keychain light
  • Loud shrill alarm, easily activated by pulling a pin, additional strobe mode to blind attackers
  • Up to 400 lumens of light output
  • Easy and fast charging via foldout USB-A interface without separate charging cable
  • Brushed aluminum housing, battery and charge level indicator, transport lock, carabiner hook
  • Integrated battery and charge level indicator as well as practical transport lock to protect against unintentional switching on


4. IP-Class

Safety features of this Ledlenser:

  • IP2X – no special protection against elements


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